Rapid Renovations Made Simple

October 16, 2009 by Kenmore

Do you really have to change a lot in order to give your home a new look? Are the most impactful home redesigns really that complicated?

While watching a home renovation show the other day, I thought about those questions as I watched the family struggle to do a lot of big design changes all at once. So I thought I’d share with you how redecorating your home doesn’t have to mean a full renovation. The changes can be really simple and still make a huge difference.

To give you some tangible tips, I started by asking myself which of my design projects have made the most impact. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick switch, or just moving things around a bit.

Here are some ways you can do quick mini renovations over the course of a day or a weekend.

Start with a plan

It’s easier to move furniture first on paper, so draw a plan, making sure you’ve measured each piece. Try moving all the pieces from one side of the room to the other, or angle a piece for a new perspective. It’s about balance and form, harmony and beauty.

Once I have my plan worked out, I like to begin gradually by removing anything I don’t love. A room with a few treasured pieces is better than one packed with furniture you don’t care for.

Then I like to do small updates to dated pieces, like putting on new fabric or a fresh coat of paint. You can make it easy by just changing the hardware or adding trim or tassels.

Add shimmer or shine

I like a room that gleams, so I pick paint that does the job. You can do the same to spruce up your favorite room. First, use painter’s tape to create large horizontal or vertical stripes over the walls. If you have time to complete the job in one day, paint all of the taped areas with a clear gloss finish and let dry. Remove the tape, and you’ll have a tone-on-tone, matte/gloss/matte finish.

If your time is limited, tackle two or three stripes a day and by the end of the week, you’ll be finished! And although you have a new striped wall design, your furniture and accessories will still match.

Mix, don’t match

If you have a few extra bucks and a couple of days, try updating your dining room with non-matching chairs (check the other rooms in your home for possible options).

I like going with a mix because it offers a comfortable, casual alternative to a matched set. Or in your kitchen, you can replace a dated white appliance with a colorful new model. Either way, you’ll instantly gain a focal point for the room.

A few final mini tips

Clearing away clutter is the best way to make your home feel fresh. Start with the master bedroom, since it’s the first and last place you see every day.

Keep a stash of decorative papers on hand to use as interesting backgrounds for framed photos.

Finally, I keep throw pillows in different colors, styles and patterns tucked away in a closet to easily change up the seasonal look.

What’s inspired you lately to do a quick redesign?

[A1]ARS: Illustrate with Black Stainless Trio, Red Kenmore Pro range and color laundry

[A1]ARS: Illustrate with Black Stainless Trio, Red Kenmore Pro range and color laundry


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