Savory Potato Cakes

June 3, 2014 by BenVaughn

Finding the perfect home for day old delicious savory potatoes isn’t as difficult as you may think. When we make mashed potatoes at home I always add a few extra spuds so I have left overs in the morning for breakfast. This recipe utilizes familiar and delicious Main Street Bistro Mashed Potatoes from Reser’s. Let me tell you with children at your feet in the kitchen who ever has time to peel, dice and boil potatoes. This recipe is for those busy folks that want quick, familiar and affordable. With homemade as the thread


preparation time
15 mins

cook time




8 MSR 3 Reser's Mashed Potatoes Make sure they are cold not warm when making the recipe

1 medium yellow onion minced

1 whole egg

1 MSR 3 grapeseed oil

3 tablespoons greek yogurt

1 tablespoons flat leaf parsley 2

2 tablespoons chives fine sliced

1 teaspoons lemon zest

1 tablespoons all purpose gluten free flour (or regular all purpose if gluten free is not necessary)

1 large potato, white purle or orange shredded



1. In a large mixing bowl, combine Reser's MSB mashed potatoes, beaten egg, flour, minced onions, grated raw potato, and parsley. Mix to incorporate 2. Place a skillet on flame and heat olive oil in it. Watch the grape-seed oil very carefully, and do not let it smoke. 3. Spoon a portion of the potato mixture into the hot oil until you fill the skillet. The oil should be hot enough for the cakes to sizzle nicely. 4. Smooth out each potato cake roughly into a circular shape. Cook until nice and brown. Flip and cook on the other side until done. 5. Remove cakes from the skillet and place them on paper towel to drain. 6. Mix your Greek yogurt with chives, lemon zest and Salt and Pepper to taste. Serve as a dipping condiment Find recipes like this and more at


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