Shrimp Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

March 12, 2014 by Kari Karch


preparation time
30 mins

cook time




6 rice paper wrappers

0.5 pounds cooked shrimp (peeled, tails removed)

2 tablespoons fresh basil leaves

1 carrot (peeled and grated)

1 red bell pepper (thinly sliced)

1 cup cooked quinoa

0.75 cup natural creamy peanut butter

0.25 cup water

2 tablespoons gluten free soy sauce

2 tablespoons gluten free soy sauce

2 tablespoons gluten free soy sauce

1 teaspoons fresh grated gincer

1 teaspoons fresh grated ginger

1 tablespoons fish sauce

1 tablespoons agave nectar


Step 1

In a large shallow bowl place 2 cups water at room temperature. On a clean work surface dunk one rice paper roll at a time into water. Remove and place on work surface. Set up assembly line starting with shrimp. Layer three shrimp on each rice paper. Top with two basil leaves add carrot, bell paper and quinoa. Fold over one half of rice paper then take the left and right and left corners and fold those in. Continue rolling until sealed. Place on sheet tray with damp fowl until finished making the rest of your rolls. Keep in fridge until ready to serve.

Step 2

To make the peanut sauce, place all remaining ingredients in a blender. Puree until smooth. Serve along with summer rolls.

Kari Karch

Kari Karch is a 19-year veteran of the culinary industry, creator of Kiss the Cook, and the head chef and spokesperson for the Kenmore brand. She has made many notable appearances on ABC Morning News, on WGN, on the Cooking Channel and as a judge for the World Food Championships.