Small But Mighty: NEW Kenmore Small Appliances

December 21, 2023 by Kenmore

small kitchen appliances

The Kenmore name means a lot of things to a lot of people. But for most people, if you asked them to close their eyes and picture a “Kenmore” in their mind’s eye, they’ll most likely think of a washer, or a fridge, dishwasher, or range. A major appliance of some sort.

But the fact is, Kenmore offers a wide and diverse selection of small kitchen appliances and household helpers. We like to call them our “small but mighty” lineup. We are very proud of our newest additions to this innovative and versatile group. Read on; they’re actually pretty cool…

The right temperature, right at your fingertips

Speaking of cool… this NEW Kenmore Cool-Touch Electric Kettle brings up to 1.7 liters of water to the exact temperature you want, from 104 to 212°F, in record time… while the exterior stays cool to the touch! It features a touch-activated control panel that appears at your fingertips and then disappears in standby mode for a clean, modern look.

Four pre-set buttons provide one-touch simplicity for preparing White, Green, or Oolong tea, or boiling hot water. Built-in safety features include cool-touch exterior, locking lid, automatic shut-off and boil dry protection for your peace of mind.

Cool Touch Kettle small kitchen appliances

Powerful and versatile

Our NEW Kenmore Immersion Blender is one of the most versatile tools you can keep in your kitchen! With variable speeds to match the task, it offers 400 watts of power to whip through tough ingredients for smooth, creamy results, including do-it-yourself smoothies. The food-chopper attachment turns the blender into a mini food processor, for preparing chopped ingredients or even baby food in a flash.

The included whisk attachment makes quick work of whipping cream, or creating frothy foams. And the beaker, lid, food chopper work bowl and blade are all dishwasher-friendly, for super-easy cleanup.

Immersion Blender

Healthier frying without the mess

Air-frying is more than just a “hot trend” in cooking. Our NEW Kenmore 8-Quart Air Fryer lets you cook all your favorite fried foods in the healthiest, most delicious way without all the added fat and greasy mess of traditional frying methods. Use the digital touch controls to choose from 12 presets (air fry, reheat, bake, broil, keep warm, dehydrate, fries, wings, bacon, pizza, seafood & vegetable) and cook with one-touch simplicity.

You can customize a cooking program with a temp range of 90-400°, a 0-60 min. timer, and an optional “turn food” reminder. Its 8-quart capacity lets you cook family-size meals in a snap, and a large viewing window lets you monitor the results with just a glance.

Air Fryer

Optimize your food storage, and more

Vacuum sealing saves space, prevents freezer burn, and keeps your food fresh for longer. This NEW Kenmore One-Touch Vacuum Sealer features one-touch automatic operation, making it super-easy to choose from normal, gentle, dry, moist, and pulse modes. This lets you adjust vacuum pressure, speed, and seal to suit your food.

And food storage is just the beginning. You can vacuum-pack items like photos, documents, stamps, jewelry, and cosmetics to keep them safe from oxidation, corrosion, and moisture. And beverage enthusiasts can use the external hose and bottle stopper to keep wine and sodas fresh after they’ve been opened.

Food Sealer

Steam away wrinkles instantly

Your mother was right: nothing powers away wrinkles from fabrics like steam! Our NEW Kenmore Digital Power-Steam Iron makes ironing practically effortless, with nine one-touch fabric presets and a premium stainless steel soleplate that distributes heat evenly and glides smoothly across all kinds of fabric.

This professional-grade, 1725-watt power steam iron reaches its max temperature in just 90 seconds — ideal for quilters & sewers. Customizable steam control and on-demand spray mist & steam burst make it easy to use vertically to smooth away wrinkles from garments or fabric draperies.

steam iron

Small but plenty!

These five new dynamos represent a worthy addition to our Small Appliance lineup. But they are far from being the whole story. Check out our complete assortment of small but mighty kitchen companions available right now, at Amazon and other popular retailers.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about small kitchen appliances.

Q: What should I look for when buying an electric kettle?

A: A kettle is a fairly simple item, but the best ones tend to include premium features that enhance easy operation. Look for one with one-touch preset controls and customizable temperature settings, built-in safety features like automatic shutoff, and a cordless body for easy pouring.

Q: Can I use my food processor instead of an immersion blender?

A: It’s generally not a good idea. Most food processors aren’t intended for use with juicy, liquidy foods and might cause a mess… or worse. It’s probably best to think of it the other way around: is there an immersion blender that can double as a food processor? And the answer is yes. Our new Kenmore model includes a food-chopper attachment that makes quick work of processing tasks.

Q: What are the pros and cons of using an air fryer?

A: The pros are numerous and significant. Air fryers add less fat to foods than traditional frying, so foods turn out healthier and less greasy. And since so little oil is used, cleanup is much easier. And air frying is delicious, too! The only real drawback is the cost and storage space of getting a separate cooking appliance. If that’s a concern for you, check out our new gas and electric ranges with Air Fry mode.

Q: What other uses does a vacuum sealer have, besides preserving food?

A: While sealing and storing fresh foods is the most popular use of a vacuum sealing machine, it is definitely not the only use. People use theirs to preserve old photos and important documents to keep them safe from oxidation and corrosion. Collectors of coins, stamps, jewelry, and other artifacts use vacuum sealers to keep moisture away from their valuables. Even cosmetics last longer when sealed!

Q: How do I know which iron to buy?

A: Generally speaking, the higher the wattage of your iron, the greater the heat and wrinkle-fighting capability. Many irons offer steam features, but the best ones provide customizable steam control, on-demand spray mist and steam burst. Vertical steam is useful for hanging garments such as suits and dresses. This is especially for those made from delicate fabrics, or for ironing hanging curtains and draperies.


The Kenmore brand represents 100 years of trusted performance, backed by exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring to the table. We’re always evolving to ensure day-to-day tasks are taken care of with faster cooking, better cleaning and more living throughout the home.