Spring Forward: 5 Other Things to Do for Daylight Savings Time

March 4, 2015 by Kenmore

5 Other Things to Do for Daylight Savings Time

On Sunday, March 9th, it will be time once again to set our clock forward one hour. While losing that hour of sleep may seem brutal during these last months of winter, it’s also a great time to …

1. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. It’s also a good time to test your smoke detectors to make sure they’re in good working order.

2. Replace water filters. Water filters are often overlooked in our day to day lives. Take this opportunity to switch out your water filter once and for all. Check out How and When to Change a Water Filter for more information.

3. Flip your mattress. Most mattresses should be flipped and rotated periodically to prolong their lives. This is also a good time to air out your mattress and to give it a good vacuuming to eliminate dust and allergens.

4. Wash your pillows. You’ve been laying your head on that pillow for months and months. It’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. Many pillows are machine washable, especially in front load washing machines. And here’s another tip: throw a couple tennis balls into the dryer with your pillows to help keep them fluffy.

5. Vacuum the dryer vent. Lent that accumulates in the dryer vent can become a fire hazard. But who thinks to vacuum out the dryer vent and duct? Make it part of spring forward routine and you’ll never forget again. Any vacuum with a hose and crevice attachment can help you suck the lent away.

Image credit: Flick user Nick licensed under Creative Commons


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