Tabletop Style

November 11, 2010 by Kenmore

More than ever before, Americans are eating in and doing so in a more eco-conscious fashion. Here are my thoughts on keeping it real – with real style.

Use the real thing

When setting the table, keep it green by using cloth napkins and cloth table linens instead of paper napkins and plates. Give each family member their own cloth napkin and napkin ring to use for a day or two at a time. The idea is to re-use and waste less. You can create a fun assortment of rings, use a different set each day, or monogram them for each family member.

Use your hand-me-downs

Traditional dinnerware, like your grandmother’s china, is great to mix in with your own. You’ll refresh the look of both old and new by blending them together. Use those wedding gifts every day, too. Bring out the serving bowls and dishes, and bring the family back to the dinner table. Serve your dinners “family style” and show off your tableware.

Go all-natural

Use hemp and organic cottons for your table linens. Create a natural tabletop with hurricane jars or vases filled with twigs and branches from your backyard. Tie twine, hemp or brown ribbon around your napkins to use as napkin rings. Finish the look with wood- or bamboo-handled cutlery.

Metallics are still a big trend

Mixing metals is a must-do. For a fresh look, try incorporating marigold yellow, grey or white with gold and silver accents. For example, combine:

  • A marigold yellow table runner
  • Gold plate chargers
  • White or grey table linens
  • Silver accent napkins and flatware
  • Silver vases filled with white or yellow tulips

For a richer fall look, try switching out the white or grey tablecloth with an espresso or black one.

Play with color

Experiment within different families of hues for hot new color combinations for your table. Try red, orange and hot pink together; or dark green, lime green and turquoise. A huge look right now is black and white, as well as the classic white/ivory/linen combination.

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