Technology For All: Your Household Gadget Guide

February 1, 2010 by Amy Clark

My Favorite Gadgets

I’m still a low-tech gal in some ways, but I do love my gadgets! They’re a way of life now, and they save me lots of time in the process. Wonder which ones will work for you? Here’s a list of my favorites and how they help me.

Keep In Touch Electronically

Social networking sites are booming. If you haven’t yet, set up a Facebook or Twitter account. They’re both great for keeping far-away friends and family informed of your daily life. For an even more personal connection, use Skype or Google Talk to chat with friends in real time from your computer.

Gadgets like the electronic SmartShopper help me manage my grocery list. I “speak” my list into it throughout the week, and it compiles a shopping list that I can take to the store. So convenient! I also love having a computer in my kitchen so I can search recipes, check the news or pay bills online.

I can save money using my cell phone, too. There are many text services that send great deals straight to your cell phone. I love You can sign up to get deals from grocery stores and entertainment venues sent right to your phone.

I’ve also embraced technology in my appliances. The SmartWash™ system in my Kenmore® dishwasher measures how dirty my dishes are, and uses the right amount of water and energy to clean them, saving us money on energy bills. Microban® antimicrobial technology is infused in the crisper drawers in my Kenmore Elite® refrigerator. It helps inhibit bacterial growth that can cause stains and odors.

Stay Active

We live in the Midwest, so our cold winters keep us trapped indoors. That’s why we felt our Wii system was a good investment. It encourages all of us to get off the sofa and keep moving! Wii Fit offers plenty of family-friendly games that give us all a good workout.

Stay Entertained

Sites like Pandora, Wii Fit and Hulu help streamline our entertainment needs and really open up options for the things our family likes to do the most.

Log Off

Being too connected can have drawbacks. There are times when you don’t need to be connected to every friend and all the news. Set boundaries for yourself: shut off the computer, cell phone and gadgets, and enjoy quiet time.

My Top Tech Websites

Lifehacker gives tips on getting more done.
Techbargains monitors gadget deals throughout the day.
Unclutter provides products to help you get organized and stay that way.
ConsumerReports is my favorite site for deals and product reviews.

What are your favorite gadgets and tech-savvy sites?

Amy Clark

Amy Allen Clark has been the driving force behind MomAdvice since 2004. In addition to running a successful community for women and running after her two kids, she has appeared on The Early Show, and in Parents magazine, Redbook, Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, MSN Money and The New York Times.