The Best Way to Wash Large Utensils

May 25, 2016 by Kenmore


Where do you normally load your spatulas and large tools in the dishwasher?

Short answer: anywhere there’s room.

The silverware basket is usually too packed (not to mention, too small) to hold larger utensils. The upper rack might have a spot or two if there aren’t too many cups or bowls. And the lower rack is just a no-go. Pretty soon, loading becomes a free-for-all and you end up scraping cooked-on residue from your “clean” pizza cutter.

It’s a fairly common dishwashing dilemma.

Which is why we’re over the moon about our newest innovation: the removable Third Rack dishwasher.


The Third Rack is designed to give cooking spoons, spatulas, chef’s knives and other like-items their own spot, freeing up space on the lower racks for more loading options.

It delivers the extra space larger or odd-shape items need for optimal cleaning coverage. Plus, the extra rack provides 37% more loading area,* so you can avoid hand-washing those larger utensils.

And for added loading flexibility,  it’s easy to remove when you want to make room for taller dishes in the other racks.

Learn more about this and other great features here, and upgrade to the best wash for your large utensils!


*As compared to Kenmore® and Kenmore Elite® two-rack dishwashers.


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