The Joy of Clutter-Free Cooking

January 20, 2010 by Kenmore

Your Kitchen’s Greatest Enemy

For some of my clients, cluttered countertops and disorganized cabinets are the biggest challenges to a well-run kitchen. Let’s face it; you can’t enjoy the art of cooking if you can’t find your tools. To combat the clutter, I use these seven guidelines and always make room for one special appliance.

The One-Year Rule

If you haven’t used it in a year, let it go. Stick to this rule and free yourself from that unused fondue pot you got four Christmases ago.

Keep Rising

Vertical space often goes unused. Place risers inside cabinets to create more space for food and other kitchen items.

Stash It

Store items you rarely use somewhere other than the kitchen, and bring them out only when needed. That way, your twice-a-year pasta maker won’t take up precious space in your kitchen. I keep big serving platters in my dining room buffet.

Off the Wall

Wall-mounted utensil racks look great and keep all of your must-have items easily accessible. Try hanging one on the wall above your range.

Take Out The Garbage

Is it possible for you to put the garbage can in your garage or on the back porch? This could free up space in your kitchen but still keep it accessible.

Pots And Pans

Buy a hanging pot rack to save cabinet space. It adds a note of charm while it keeps most-used pots and pans in plain view.

Think Vertically

Vertical storage for cookie sheets and cutting boards is a great way to maximize space. Shop the housewares store and install vertical dividers in your cabinets. Lazy Susans are another great way to use vertical space.

What I Can’t Cook Without

The one appliance I’ll always make room for: my food processor. It does everything, from blending to mixing to mincing. It’s great for every home chef.

Here’s a list of some of my other favorite space-savers:

  • Over-the-sink colander/cutting board
  • Stand mixer
  • Immersion blender/smoothie maker
  • Silicone cookware
  • Flat or pyramid grater
  • Collapsible measuring cups, funnels and colanders
  • Nesting bowls

You can also find a blender and mixer that fits your needs at

Let me know how it goes once everything’s clutter-free and organized!

How do you organize your pantry and kitchen?


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