The Kenmore Brand Celebrates Awards Season

February 26, 2016 by Kenmore

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The 88th Academy Awards are this Sunday, when the final say will be had for the top movies, directors and actors of the past year. If you’re looking for some tips or tricks on throwing an award-winning viewing party, check these out. As for us, we’ll definitely be watching to see who or what will win, but we’ve already celebrated our biggest awards earlier this year!  

The Kenmore brand received seven new awards from to add to our collection. identifies and promotes products (a) that stand out from the pack and (b) that they would happily recommend to friends and family. This is a big deal!

Our 2015 winners range across many categories, including laundry, refrigeration and even vacuums.

While you might be watching the show on Sunday to see who is wearing what, consider how your everyday outfits could dazzle when cleaned with some of our winners from laundry. We have the Best Washing Machine of the Year with our Kenmore Elite® front-load washer model 41072/3. According to, “[it] did not leave us wanting. Accela-Wash® is the major winner here, as it changes up the spray pattern to power through relatively light loads of laundry in around half the time some other machines take.”

For a performance you’ll love off the screen, our Kenmore® top-load washer model 25132 has been named the Best Washer Under $500. Even though it lacks a modern look, the inside is all new, including our exclusive Triple Action® Impeller. It’s designed with three unique wash actions, including nine spray jets that attack dirt from every angle with a deep-cleaning mix, where “the end result was a clean comparable to washers that cost twice as much,” according to

On Sunday, you’ll be seeing the best of the best win in each category. But lucky for us (and you!), we have three best winners in our refrigeration category. The Best Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator comes from our Kenmore Pro® line. “If design, performance and efficient storage matter to you, [model 79993] is worth every penny.” The Best Side-by-Side Refrigerator model 51763 boasts “excellent energy efficiency, temperature regulation, storage space, and food preservation.” And as for the Best Top-Freezer Refrigerator model 70623, “with a fridge this good our recommendation is simple: If you need a 20.4 cu. ft. top freezer, definitely consider this one.” It looks like you have your pick with any style you decide on.

And to round out our list of winners, we have two powerful contenders from our vacuum category. Our Kenmore Elite® model 31150 has been awarded Best Vacuum for Carpet and has been called “simply one of the best deals in vacuum cleaning.” states that “when it comes to raw cleaning performance, [it] beats out vacuums that cost five times as much, and is well-suited to a variety of situations, from shag carpet to hardwood floors. Grains of dirt large and small are cleaned up with equal zeal, and if all that wasn’t enough, this model is self-propelling, so you won’t need to strain your back vacuuming an entire large home.” And for those who will be watching the show with their cat or dog by their side, Kenmore® Progressive model 21614 has been awarded Best Vacuum for Pet Owners and was called out as “a vacuum designed with pet owners in mind.” Sounds like a couple of great performances that can’t be beat.

With all of these reviews, we can’t wait to see how our 2016 products will line up for award season next year!

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