The State Fair Cookbook Gets a Blue Ribbon in Delicious

July 17, 2015 by Kenmore


One of the best parts of summer is attending the State Fair. Where else can you play games, ride rides and eat food on a stick? While we can’t promise you games and rides, we can give you all the food on a stick you can eat. Here’s a highlight:


Benjamin Dove’s recipe from Ohio State Fair “is meant to show the simplicity of a family meal while also showing the complexity that is found in the many differences of each individual. The spice of the jalapeno pepper-jack is the inspiration of my wife. She always inspired our family to reach for the stars while pressing through whatever obstacles may come. The aioli is the inspiration of my eldest daughter. The cumin is representative of the warmth that she brings to our entire family & to the special ways she expresses her love such as “Daddy Hugs”. The meat is the All-American favorite of my middle daughter. She always reminds us that true happiness isn’t found in the extravagant or elaborate but in the beauty of simplicity enjoyed with thanksgiving everyday. The melted cheese like the melted heart of a father who’s youngest daughter exclaimed, “You’re the best cook in the whole world!” That’s what she said the 1st time she tried this.”


Summertime Thanks brings the tradition to a whole new season. “Thanksgiving in my family has always been a tradition and so is sitting out on the deck in the summer grilling with our family. Everyone in my family loved the idea that we could have a Thanksgiving dinner in the summer outside on the grill. We all help prep in the kitchen and then out to the deck to grill and have some fantastic family time.”


Jennifer Moscato’s pizza on a stick recipe honors her grandmother. “My grandmother came from Italy after WWII. My father has told me stories about my Nana (grandmother) in the kitchen cook at a very young age. The stories weren’t just about learning to cook, he told me that a long time ago when my Nana made pizza you could smell it for blocks. Every neighborhood kid would come over to get a piece of pizza. She made 6 to 8 trays & there were never any leftovers because when the neighbors around her knew she was making pizza, bread, or pies, she would send my uncles around with dishes of what she had made. So in honor of my Nana, who passed away this year, I am making pizza on a stick to share with you!”


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