Three Easy Steps To Renew Any Room

January 24, 2015 by Kenmore

3 Steps to Refresh Any Room in the House

Take some time to walk through your home and consider which of these simple tips can make a quick impact.

Living room
• Keep several sets of throw pillows to alternate as the mood strikes.
• Purchase new wall art at local galleries or art fairs.
• Fresh seasonal flowers or pots of greens keep rooms looking lively.

• Kitchen walls are often overlooked when it comes to color because cabinets demand so much wall space. Fresh paint or a bold accent wall can add a new design element.
• Buy new cabinet hardware. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to update the look without replacing your cabinets.
• Change window treatments. Play with a variety of materials and colors to see which affords the most natural light and creates the most appealing atmosphere.

• Buy new towels. Fluffy white towels are inviting and calming; bright ones add color and character.
• Add baskets to corral items that normally clutter the countertops.
• Use scented candles and soaps to suit your mood.

Kids’ room or playroom
• It’s their space, so let your child choose his or her favorite paint color for the walls.
• Install cubbies for each child’s items.
• Choose colors and linens that reflect your child’s favorites.

Master bedroom
• Your bedroom should be your personal oasis. Paint it a soothing color that will help you sleep.
• Invest in bedding that makes a personal style statement, but is subdued enough to be a calming element.
• Select bedside lamps that offer multiple light settings; bright light for reading, softer light for relaxing.

Feeling refreshed? What are your favorite tips to make a space seem new again?

Image: Flick user Emily May licensed under Creative Commons


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