Tips for Helping Kids Get in the Back-to-School Spirit

August 25, 2015 by Kenmore


In a perfect world your kids would count down to the end of summer and face the start of a new school year with glee. In the real world it may take a little more convincing that going back to school is a good thing. Here are some ideas for helping kids get excited about the new school year.

• Make this fun school supply cake. Gather the back-to-school supplies and make this non-edible cake with the kids. They’ll be excited to rip into it to take their first stab at homework.

• Bake the kids a real cake. When the kids come home from school, surprise them with a freshly baked vanilla bean cake with simple buttercream frosting.

• Get the kids involved with meal prep with kid-friendly snacks.

• Personalize school supplies with these DIY stamped pencils. Because sometimes having your name stamped on school supplies is all you need to feel special.

How do you prep your kids for going back to school? Share your tips in the comments below to help other parents win the back-to-school battle.


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