6 Tips to Refresh Your Laundry Room

February 5, 2015 by Kenmore

6 Tips to Refresh Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is an often overlooked space when it comes to design. Just because it’s a utilitarian space doesn’t mean it should also be visually appealing. These tips will help take your hum drum laundry room to new heights.

1. Pick a Color

The easiest way to refresh your laundry room is a new color. Whether clean and subdued or bright and vibrant, pick something that feels right for your space. Easy-to-wipe-clean semigloss paint would be best option when putting a new coat of color up. You can also go with bedboard paneling or glossy ceramic tiles that can withstand the dirty work of a laundry room.

2. Lighting

In addition to any natural light that may come through, choose a low-profile ceiling-mount fixture to avoid clutter. You can also add task lighting like LED undercabinet strips or focused overhead spots to help at ironing or work stations.

3. Get Organized

Your laundry room has the potential to be the messiest room in the house! But with a few simple additions, you can get it tip top in no time. Add a folding station to help you save time and minimize wrinkles. A designated laundry station to accommodate baskets, clothes rods and cabinets to hide detergents and liquids can go a long way to helping you clean up. You can also opt for hooks, shelving and a drying rack for a more open look to the room. Also consider a built-in spot for an ironing board to save space.

4. Find the Right Appliance

If your washer and dryer pair are nearing a decade old, it’s time to upgrade. Switching out pairs that are more than 10 years old can save you more money and resources. Plus there are tons of new features that make laundry day easier than ever. The connections in your laundry room will determine whether you need a gas or electric washer and dryer pair. Check out our front-load laundry pairs, and get 35% faster wash times.* Or take a spin with our top-load laundry pair and see why no one in it’s class performs better.**

5. Create a Workspace

Adding a counter or freestanding table to help with extra space solutions, folding and more. Instead of natural stone, try nonporous solid surfacing such as Corian, engineered stone or laminate. If you have a front-load pair, find a surface that fits across the top of the washer and dryer.

6. Add a Sink

Opt for a 10- to 12-inch-deep square or rectangular stainless-steel sink with curved, easy-to-clean corners. Plastic tubs can stain easily and lack under-sink storage. A gooseneck faucet or pull-out spray hose would be a helpful addition.

Just a few changes around the laundry room can really impact the effect of that space and have you ready to go just in time for the holiday rush!


*With Accela-Wash feature activated washing an 8lb. load on default Normal cycle.
*Among leading brand top load washers with washplate systems greater than 4.0 cu. ft. and less than 4.7 cu. ft. as measured by DOE standards, based on an analysis of 4 criteria: AHAM cleaning score for an 8 lb load, DOE EnergyGuide in kWh/yr, average cycle times for an AHAM 8 lb Normal cycle cleaning test, and machine capacity of declared DOE capacity value; total matrix score based on utility score weighting.


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