Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Cleaning Closet Organized

April 27, 2015 by Kenmore

10Janice S. from Celebrating Family is here to give us a few tips for keeping a cleaning closet organized:

Spring cleaning time is here again and I find myself with a long list of things I must get done. Sometimes household chores can get pretty overwhelming. Plus when it is so beautiful outside, it can be hard to get motivated to clean anything at all. To help you (and me!), I came up with several tips for organizing a cleaning closet. Just starting the cleaning process out with an organized place to store all of your cleaning supplies will make the task less daunting and get you in the mood for spring cleaning.

1. Make sure you keep your vacuum front and center at floor level. This makes it easier to get in and out of the closet (and makes it more likely you will use it).


2. Hang vacuum hoses and attachments on heavy duty hooks to keep them out of the way.


3. Do not forget to utilize the back and side walls of the closet to maximize the space. Installing wall shelves, especially ones with hooks can make your space even more functional.


4. The back of the closet door is another spot with great potential. Hanging an over the door organizer gives you a place to store bottles, dusters, disinfectant wipes, and other items that sometimes get lost in a cleaning closet.


5. One of the most useful items you will find in a well organized cleaning closet is a cleaning caddy. A portable caddy is the perfect place to store your most used cleaning items including bottles of cleaner, sponges, a duster, gloves, and paper towels.


6. A mop and broom holder is a must have item in a cleaning closet. Hanging your mop and broom up helps keep the floor clear and makes them more accessible.


7. Hang your dustpan and brushes up on hooks (again, keep that floor clear).


8. Even though your cleaning caddy has a roll of paper towels in it, you should also have a wall mounted paper towel holder in your cleaning closet. You can never have too many paper towels hanging around.


9. Utilize the overhead shelf in your closet to store large and bulk items. Storage bins and totes can be useful for this purpose.


10. If you live in a small home with limited closet space, you can still have a cleaning closet! A storage cabinet added to your garage, or even placed on your back porch, can stand in for an interior closet. Use the space you have.

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