Top 5 ways to save money with smart appliances

August 21, 2019 by Kenmore

Smart home devices have tons of amazing benefits. They save energy, which is awesome, and they save money, which is even more awesome. Smart tech can be found in all sorts of home devices, including refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, washers and dryers that come with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Smart appliances make it easier to manage your household chores from anywhere. Simply download the app to your smartphone, and you can control your smart devices remotely, put them on a schedule, connect them to a smart speaker (hello, Alexa!), or even set them up to perform actions on their own.

By monitoring usage and giving you more control over your energy use, smart home devices can be your secret weapon for saving.

Here are the top 5 ways smart home appliances can save you money: 

Lower utility bills

Smart appliances are equipped with tons of features designed to save energy. These clever electronics conserve water and electricity — while also washing and drying clothes and dishes faster and better. It’s almost like having premium ice cream with no calories.

Whether you’re using your smart thermostat to optimize your home’s temperature, or put the water heater on vacation setting while you’re away, all that saved energy translates to lower utility bills.

Take a smart thermostat, for example, which can reduce heating and cooling costs from 10 to 25 percent simply by providing you with more control over your home’s temperature. Not only can you avoid blasting the AC or heat all day when nobody’s home, the smart system will turn back on before you get home, so the house is perfectly cooled (or warmed) upon your arrival. If only it could start dinner and check homework, too. 

You can also save money on your power bill by scheduling your smart appliances to run when you want — and avoid peak pricing hours.

Fewer trips to the store = fewer impulse buys

Having a smart appliance saves you trips to the store to replace frequently used household items like filters, detergent and dryer sheets. Working with Amazon Dash Replenishment, your connected dishwasher, washer or dryer monitors product levels in your connected devices and automatically reorders more before you even know that you need them. It’s practically magic.

There is one drawback to all this convenience, however. Fewer trips to the store means fewer opportunities to indulge in those impulse-buy pork rinds they keep by the register. On the upside, your family doctor will approve. 

To set up Dash Replenishment (which works with Alexa), activate the service through the Kenmore Smart App using your Amazon account. Then just select the laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, rinse aid or dryer sheets you want to automatically reorder — and never run out of these essentials again.

Reduce your grocery bills

A Kenmore smart refrigerator lowers your grocery bills by keeping food fresher longer and reducing food waste. With digital temperature controls that can be adjusted from anywhere, along with alerts that let you know when the door has been accidentally left open (we know, you would never do that), smart refrigerators help extend the shelf life of fruits, veggies and beyond, saving you money while helping you conserve energy. 

Maintenance reminders save your hide

Many smart appliances diagnose themselves when there’s an issue, which helps prevent unnecessary service and simplifies maintenance. It’s not uncommon for things to break, but unlike a conventional appliance, which only gives you notice that something is wrong once the problem has advanced (like when you’ve got a wet load of clean laundry and the dryer won’t start), smart appliances are designed to alert you when something is not functioning as it should.

An alert sent to your phone gives you the advantage of getting ahead of the problem, and fixing a small issue tends to be a lot less expensive than fixing a big one. Reminders for routine maintenance like changing filters also keep your appliance performing at its best.

Monitor the meter

Have you ever had a high power bill catch you completely off guard? Maybe you left your air conditioner running on full blast all day and night, or accidentally left the freezer door open after juggling two boxes of popsicles … not saying that’s happened to us, or anything.

It can be frustrating when there’s no good way to monitor energy usage in real-time. That’s where having a smart appliance comes in handy. Not only can you track energy usage — whether you’re home or away — but your smart app will also be able to tell which appliances are on and when. 

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