Valentine’s Day Cupcake Liner Trees

January 24, 2014 by Amy Clark


I had so much fun creating our yarn trees this winter that I just knew I needed to recreate the magic for Valentine’s Day.  If you have a mantle or coffee table that could use some festive décor, then you will love this easy and inexpensive project. All you need are $10 in materials and you will have two festive trees in less than thirty minutes. Now that is a craft that I can get behind.

Let’s get started!

Supplies List:

  • 2-    3-7/8 x 8-7/8  inch  Styrofoam floral cones
  • 2- 3-7/8 x 11-7/8 inch Styrofoam floral cones
  • Valentine’s Day Printed Cupcake Liners (you can choose one color or do layers of alternating colors)
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Festive floral pick for Valentine’ s Day (I split one between two trees)


Instructions for Making Your Cupcake Liner Trees

1. Remove one cupcake liner from your package and cut off the ruffled edge.  For the small trees, you will need 12 ruffled edges and for the larger trees you will need 14-16 ruffled edges.

2. Starting from the bottom of your tree, attach a ruffle and pin into place. For the base of the tree, you will be overlapping two ruffled edges to cover the base. Make sure that you secure the pins right at the top of the ruffle so they do not show.

3. Repeat the ruffling until you have reached almost the top of the base, leaving just the tip of the base exposed.

cupcake_liner_tree_tutorial_collage_24. Now it is time to finish the top of your tree. Using a full cupcake liner, place it on top and press down to shape it on the top of the tree.

5. Add an additional ruffle (with no top) around the outside and then pin into place with a pink or red pin.

6. Finish with a Valentine’s Day floral pick. You can now display these on your mantle or place on a cake stand or tray for a unique addition to a coffee table.




I hope you can just this easy craft out and add a little Valentine’s Day festivity to your home.  I plan to get these out every Valentine’s Day, they are just that cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day,  Kenmore readers! 

Amy Clark

Amy Allen Clark has been the driving force behind MomAdvice since 2004. In addition to running a successful community for women and running after her two kids, she has appeared on The Early Show, and in Parents magazine, Redbook, Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, MSN Money and The New York Times.