The Hard Truth: Kenmore Water Softener Buying Guide

Have your faucets and shower heads developed a chalky, white build up? Does your skin feel tight and itchy post shower? Chances are, you have a hard water problem.

But what causes hard water and is it harmful to our home or to us?

The Hard Truth…

Hard water’s high mineral count comes from groundwater moving through limestone and picking up calcium and magnesium particles along the way. While those minerals are harmless to drink, they can do some serious damage to your plumbing, skin and appliances that use water. That’s where our Kenmore Water Softeners come in!

But which one is right for you? Use this handy buy guide to find the ideal water softener for your home:

Calculate your softening requirement

This is important because too high or low of a grain count can lead to inefficient softening and an expensive water bill. The key here is to calculate exactly how many grains you’ll need filtered from your water every month.

While you should contact your municipality for a water test kit to get the exact hardness number of your water, we’ve provided you with a few averages to help you find the ideal water softener for your home:


Daily Water Usage

75 gallons x 5 people = 375 gallons per day

Daily Softening Requirement

375 gallons per day x 10 grains per gallon (average hardness number*) = 3,750 gpg

DSR x 7 days a week = 26,250 grains ← Keep this number in mind when shopping for a water softener.

Consider the controls

Salt-based water softeners, like all Kenmore Water Softeners, perform a regeneration cycle to remove all of the mineral brine built up after the ion exchange takes place.

Most modern, residential water softeners come equipped with one of two types of regeneration cycle controls:

  1. Clock-Timer Controls: These models come with a timer for you to manually set the day and time you want the softener to regenerate. This is a fixed date and will regenerate regardless of how much water you’ve used the past week.
  2. Demand-Initiated Regeneration Controls: All Kenmore Water Softeners use DIR controls that sense when the resin tank needs to be regenerated — using a meter and calculating the exact usage. This saves salt and regeneration water because it only regenerates when necessary.

Make sure it’s certified

Water Softeners can be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation — meaning they’ve passed industry tests and their claims have been validated.

Every Kenmore Water Softener is NSF Certified. So when we say our 41,000 Grain Ultra-Efficiency Water Softener with IntellSoft2™ uses up to 35% less salt and 37% water, or that our Smart Hybrid Water Softener prevents scale build up in your water heater and the plumbing in your home, we mean it.

Is smart an option?

If you have a smartphone, the answer is yes.

The Smart Hybrid Water Softener syncs to your smartphone, via the Kenmore Smart app, so you can monitor water usage, salt levels and even detect leaks — no matter where you are.** This combination softening and filtration appliance purifies and removes hardness-causing minerals without filters.



*Contact your municipality if you use city water or order a water hardness test kit.

**Requires Wi-Fi broadband Internet connection. Remote control and monitoring functionality of Kenmore Smart products requires a smartphone or tablet, wireless router with a continuous home Internet connection and the free app. These devices are not included. Supports iPhone® and AndroidTM devices. Phone not included with product.



The Kenmore brand represents 100 years of trusted performance, backed by exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring to the table. We’re always evolving to ensure day-to-day tasks are taken care of with faster cooking, better cleaning and more living throughout the home.

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