The YouTube Reviews for Kenmore Smart Appliances Are In!

August 29, 2017 by Kenmore

We’re so excited about our new Kenmore Smart appliances that we sent some to our favorite YouTube personalities to get their reviews. And because we wanted their honest reviews of the smart appliances, we told them to not to hold back. Check out what these YouTube reviews had to say about their new Kenmore Smart appliances.

Cooking With Jack Show: Jack took three days to fully explore his new fridge and provided some valuable feedback. He loves the fridge and its many features but admits that he had some trouble with the Kenmore Smart app. Don’t worry, Jack. We’ve heard your feedback and are working to remedy the situation.

Hailey Paige: From the finish and sleek, modern design to the smart capability that will send an alert in the event of a power outage or door being left open, Hailey loves her new Kenmore Elite Smart Refrigerator. Then again, this is a huge step up from the used model she and her husband had been using in their California rental.

We Are the Davises: After a little hiccup with getting their new Kenmore washer and dryer to fit through their laundry room door, the Davises have finally had the opportunity to give their laundry pair a spin. The busy family is suitably impressed with the laundry pair’s smart capability that allows them to control the appliances from their smartphones.

TechMeOut: Jervina is full-on adulting with her new Kenmore Smart Laundry Pair. In addition to the laundry pair’s smart capabilities that allow her to start loads remotely using the Kenmore app on her smartphone, Jervina is equally excited about the other features, like the impressive capacity that can accommodate a full king size bedding set. As Jervina says in her video, “Kenmore, you did good.”

Ballinger Family: This busy family replaced their old side-by-side refrigerator with the Kenmore Elite French Door Smart Refrigerator. From the deep storage in the refrigerator doors to the slim in-door ice maker that saves precious space, this fridge is a much appreciated upgrade from the family’s old refrigerator.

Armando Ferreira: As a fan of home automation, Armando was quick to say yes to the offer of a Kenmore Smart Washer and Dryer. Armando’s wife appreciates the remote start and cycle notification features of the smart app, but what she really loves is that the smart laundry pair is compatible with Amazon Alexa. As you can see in the video above, this is especially helpful for checking cycle status when you’re hands are otherwise occupied.

Rebecca Brand: The excitable Rebecca finds laundry to be a lot more fun with her new appliances. She loves the convenience of smart technology that allows her to start the laundry from the comfort of her own bed. We look forward to seeing the laundry tip videos she’ll produce now that she has her own Kenmore Smart washer and dryer.


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