Embrace the Chill: January is National Family Fit Lifestyle Month

January 12, 2024 by Kenmore

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The holiday season is now officially done and dusted, and as we step into the crisp embrace of January, there’s more to celebrate than just the new year. It’s National Family Fit Lifestyle Month, and what better way to kick off the year than by prioritizing health, togetherness, and enjoying the great outdoors as a family?

At Kenmore, we’re all about bringing you More of What Matters… and we’re here to celebrate a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of wintertime fun, exploring outdoor activities that will keep the entire family active and connected.

Outdoor Fun with the Fam

While the winter months might make you want to hibernate indoors, there’s a world of adventure waiting just beyond your doorstep. January’s chill provides the perfect backdrop for activities that not only boost your family’s fitness but also create warm memories to last a lifetime. Here are just a few ideas to help you get out there and celebrate the season…

Skating Extravaganza

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Channel your inner figure skater and head to the nearest ice rink for a delightful family outing. Ice skating not only provides a fantastic full-body workout, but it also fosters better balance and coordination. Whether you’re pirouetting like a pro or simply trying to stay up on your skates, the laughter and joy shared on the ice will warm your hearts despite the cold temperatures.

Snowshoeing Serenity

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a snowy landscape, now’s the time to strap on some snowshoes and hit the trails! Snowshoeing is an excellent low-impact exercise that engages multiple muscle groups, making it an ideal activity for family members of all ages. Plus, the serene beauty of a winter wonderland will make your outdoor adventure feel like a magical journey.

Two-Wheeling Adventure

Family Fit Lifestyle Month

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Many parts of the country enjoy a climate that’s mild enough to allow year-round bicycling. If your trails and local streets are clear of snow and ice, why not take advantage of them? Get out the family bikes, get the tires pumped full of air and the chains and gears greased up, make sure everyone’s helmet fits properly – and get ready to roll! It may feel a little brisk at first, but it’s a thrilling ride for your whole crew.

Sledding Spectacle

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Bring out the sleds and get ready for a thrilling ride down some snowy hills in your area. Sledding is a timeless winter activity that promises excitement for both the young and the young at heart. Not only is it an absolute blast, but climbing those hills again and again will get your heart pumping, turning a simple joy ride into an exhilarating cardio workout!

Winter Nature Hikes

Family Fit Lifestyle Month

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Bundle up! Put your best foot forward on a winter nature hike to discover the true beauty of the season. Many trails transform into enchanting winter wonderlands, offering a unique perspective on familiar landscapes. As you traverse the snow-covered paths, you’ll not only appreciate the fresh air and exercise but also enjoy the opportunity to connect with nature as a family.

Family-Friendly Winter Olympics

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Create your very own Winter Olympics right in your backyard or at your neighborhood park. Set up stations for snowball target practice, hold a snowman-building contest, or engage in friendly sled races. This not only encourages healthy competition but also provides an outlet for everyone to burn off energy while reveling in the winter spirit.

Gear Up for Fun

Family Fit Lifestyle Month

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Before you embark on your winter adventure, remember one thing: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only improper gear! Invest in some quality winter clothing, waterproof boots, and, of course, warm gloves and mittens. Layering is the key to staying warm, so don’t be afraid to bundle up.

Now’s the Best Time!

Family Fit Lifestyle Month

Throughout the month, and beyond, let’s resolve to make family fitness a priority by leaning into the chilly weather and enjoying the freshness and beauty of the great outdoors.

The activities mentioned above are just a glimpse into the myriad possibilities that winter has to offer. So, lace up those skates, grab your sleds, put on an extra layer or two, and create memories that will warm your hearts long after the snow has melted. Here’s to a healthy, active, and joy-filled National Family Fit Lifestyle Month!

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