Household Projects for a 3-Day Weekend

May 19, 2015 by Kenmore


Household Projects for a 3-Day Weekend

The arrival of a three day weekend means a little extra time to yourself. And while that time should definitely include some rest and relaxation, it’s also a perfect opportunity to take on some of those neglected tasks around the house. Here’s a list of helpful holiday weekend suggestions to get you started:

• Save money and give Mother Earth a break by making your own green cleaners.

• Spend some time organizing the laundry room and suddenly laundry day won’t feel like such a chore.

Update your home office and maybe going back to work won’t be so hard on Tuesday.

Corral those kitchen appliances to make your kitchen a little more organized and open up some space on the counter.

• Get your lawn tools organized with this DIY tool rack.

Launder your seasonal clothing and pack it away.

• Bring some of the outdoors inside with a DIY pallet hanging planter.

Make your own bee house and give these industrious and endangered little pollinators a new base of operations.


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