Kenmore Gas Range 75293 Buying Guide

December 6, 2023 by Kenmore

For generations, many professional chefs and accomplished home cooks have preferred gas ranges for their responsive performance, speed, power, and precise control. There is simply something about cooking with an open flame that engages and satisfies the spirit of culinary creativity.

Our all-new Kenmore gas range (model 22-75293) offers the power and performance you need for pro-quality cooking results, plus a host of intuitive convenience features designed to make your life a little easier and more enjoyable. In addition, you’ll find an unexpected bonus… an oven that makes air-frying simple, fast and healthy.

Take a few moments to explore some of the key features that make our newest range a welcome addition to virtually any kitchen.

Air frying, simplified

Air frying is a technique that has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. People love the speed and convenience of their countertop air-fryers, and they enjoy fast, delicious, healthy results without all the messy and unhealthy fats and oils of conventional deep-fryers. However, these units take up valuable counter space in the kitchen, and they can be difficult to store inside your cabinets.

Our new gas range comes with an Air Fry setting and a dedicated cooking basket to help you create crowd favorites that are crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet tender on the inside, without the oil and mess or the need for a separate appliance.

True Convection technology

The True Convection oven system built into our new gas model utilizes a fan and a third heating element to surround foods with hot air on all sides, eliminating “hot spots” and ensuring even baking and roasting results on every rack. Meats and poultry come out brown and deliciously crispy on the outside, but tender and mouth-wateringly moist on the inside. Plus, a True Convection system provides super-fast preheating, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying!

Cookies baking in Kenmore Gas Oven

Hot Tip: Not all convection ovens are the same.

Other range brands may offer a type of “convection” oven that circulates air with an internal fan, but without the essential third heating element that defines a True Convection system. Kenmore’s system heats the air as it circulates it, for consistently even heat distribution.

Five-burner flexibility

The cooktop on our new gas range features five sealed burners including an 18,000-BTU Turbo Boil® burner, a powerful 12,000-BTU burner, an oval-shaped 12,000-BTU center burner, a 9,000-BTU utility burner, and a 5,000-BTU simmer burner. This versatile burner array gives you cooking flexibility and control so you can match the burner to the task and boil water, sauté veggies, and simmer sauce—all at once.

Gas Range CooktopSuper-fast Turbo Boil®

Someone once said that a watched pot never boils… but they obviously never cooked with a Kenmore Turbo Boil® burner! Our powerful 18,000 BTU burner really turns up the heat for fast boiling, plus stir-frying and searing, so you can get that perfect texture on everything from steaks and burgers to vegetables and fish. Less waiting, more enjoying.

Gas Range Burner

Easy control, right at your fingertips

Kenmore’s intuitive, easy-to-use Precision Set Controls feature accurate incremental adjustments and advanced cooking options with 25 different settings like Delay Start, Keep Warm and Broil.Gas Range Control Panel

Effortless cleaning, no matter how dirty

When the oven needs a complete clean, Kenmore’s self-clean function takes the messy and time-consuming chore out of your hands so you can do something more pleasant (spoiler alert: that means literally anything else). You can even customize your clean with a 2, 3 or 4-hour clean cycle, depending on how dirty the oven is.

When your oven needs only a light cleaning, the Steam Clean function uses water and heat for light oven cleaning. It can also be used to soften stuck-on food before running the full self-clean function.

A bright idea

A bright halogen light illuminates the oven interior,. It provides easy visibility inside without opening the oven door while food is cooking.

Halogen Light

Best view in the kitchen

An extra-large oven window makes it easy to see inside and check on the progress of a meal no matter where it’s placed inside, without having to open the oven.Viewing Window on Range

Dishwasher-safe cooking grates

Porcelain-coated cooktop grates can go straight into the dishwasher, making clean-up a snap.

Dishwasher safe cooking grates

Worry-free finish

The stainless steel finish on this model is fingerprint-resistant. That means everyday smudges and fingerprints will wipe away easily with a soft cloth. This helps you keep your new range looking its best.

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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our gas ranges. If you have a question of your own, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section!

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Q: Are gas ranges considered better than electric ones?

A: Generally, gas models tend to be more responsive. They can offer faster preheating, and allow for some advanced cooking techniques (such as blistering peppers over an open flame). But electric models have their own advantages as well, and it really comes down to personal preferences. To learn more about the benefits of gas vs. electric ranges, check out our recent article comparing the two.

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Q: Is it easy to replace an electric range with a gas model?

A: If your kitchen is already outfitted with a working gas line and valve, there should be no difficulty in installing a new gas-fueled range. However, if there isn’t one, you will need to have a qualified, licensed plumber install a gas line and shut-off valve to the intended location of the range in your kitchen. Be sure to check with local building codes first. Note: some communities are not equipped with gas supply pipes.

Q: Do professional cooks prefer cooking with gas?

A: Many industry pros do prefer gas cooking appliances, primarily for their responsiveness. When a gas burner is turned off, it’s off immediately. They also like  the visual feedback of judging how much heating is taking place. They do this by seeing the size and intensity of the gas flame.

Q: How safe are gas ranges to use?

A: All modern cooking appliances must adhere to basic safety standards for home use. Gas ranges are no exception to this rule. However, using a gas cooktop does involve cooking with an open flame. It makes sense to keep young children away when the cooktop is in use. Be mindful to keep the cooking surface clean and free from random items and flammable materials, such as paper towels.


The Kenmore brand represents 100 years of trusted performance, backed by exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring to the table. We’re always evolving to ensure day-to-day tasks are taken care of with faster cooking, better cleaning and more living throughout the home.