Launder Smarter: Tips for Removing Food Stains


Into life a little red wine shall spill. And it seems to always spill on that new white shirt you’re wearing. Although the new Kenmore Top Load Washer is packed with features to help get your clothes cleaner, a little pretreating helps fight the battle against stains. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the road back to stain-free clothing.

First and foremost, try to treat the stain as soon as possible. If possible, immediately remove clothing and flush the stained area with cold water. Then, treat the stain using the methods below. Launder the clothing at your earliest convenience. Be sure to check the stained item before tossing it in the dryer. Some stains can become permanent when dried.

Red wine: Coat the stain with salt. Stretch fabric over a bowl or sink and pour a stream of boiling water over the stain.

White wine: Rinse stain with cold water. Spray with a dish soap solution (1 tablespoon clear dish soap mixed with 10 ounces water).

Coffee: Flush stain with lemon juice or white vinegar.

Chocolate: Scrape any dried chocolate from the item. Spray with dish soap solution before laundering.

Mustard: Stretch the stain over a bowl and then pour white wine vinegar through the fabric. Then apply dish soap solution to the stain and let sit for 15 minutes.

Ketchup: Apply a stain pre-treater before laundering.

Salad dressing: Apply cornstarch to the stain to help absorb the oil. Rinse with cold water and then apply a small amount of laundry detergent directly to the stain.

Gum: Apply ice cube to gum to harden. Use a dull knife to scrape away as much of the gum as possible. Use an oil solvent or mineral spirits to treat any residue.

Disclaimer: While these tips will work on some stains, there’s no guarantee in the wild world of stain removal.

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The Kenmore brand represents 100 years of trusted performance, backed by exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring to the table. We’re always evolving to ensure day-to-day tasks are taken care of with faster cooking, better cleaning and more living throughout the home.

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