Make Mom’s Day: DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

April 26, 2017 by Kenmore

DIY Mother's Day GiftsSometimes it’s nice to treat mom to a shiny new gadget. For those times there’s the curated Mother’s Day sale on And then there are times when you want to honor mom with something a little more personal. For those times there’s this DIY gift guide. Go ahead, make mom’s day.

1. Summer – and outdoor entertaining – is just around the corner. Make these DIY citronella candles to keep Mom safe from mosquito bites.

2. This simple pot holder purse caddy from Fun Cheap or Free is perfect for mamas on the go. Since it’s lined with a plastic bag, it’s ideal for new moms who might be surrounded by a sea of slobber.

3. Flowers are nice, but they’ll be withered and brown by the end of the week. Make a DIY terrarium for mom and she’ll have it to enjoy for months to come.

4. You probably have a phone full of photos of the kids. Why not print the best and apply them to coasters? Check out this easy DIY photo coaster tutorial at Click It Up a Notch.

5. Sometimes mom feels like she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Give her a treat with this no-sew microwavable rice heating pad from Unsophisticook.

6. These salt dough hand and foot prints from The Imagination Tree are a great way to get the giddies in on the DIYing. Add a hole at the top, tie a ribbon on and mom can hang it on the Christmas tree this winter!

7. Add a little color to mom’s kitchen with a DIY paint dipped spoon set. Package it with a coordinated towel and oven mitt to make mother’s day extra bright.

8. Microwaving meals is a real timesaver for many busy mothers. Help protect mom’s fingers with this microwavable fabric bowl from Tamarack Shack. By nestling a microwave safe bowl in the fabric bowl, mom can protect her fingers during harried dinner prep.

9. For mothers with a lot of baubles, this picture frame jewelry organizer from Marty’s Musings will keep things organized. The easy, kid-friendly project requires little more than a picture frame, some chicken wire and hot glue.


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