Kenmore Utility Room Buying Guide

January 8, 2018 by Kenmore

Often overlooked, the utility room is an important area in any home. If you’re looking to remodel this room or you just want to upgrade the appliances within it, Kenmore is here to help you make it truly amazing.

measure your space

Thinking of custom cabinetry to hide your water heater or softener? How about a folding station to put over your washer and dryer? These are all fantastic ways to keep your space organized but make sure you know the measurements of your space before you begin building. Wouldn’t want to design a custom space that can’t fit the appliances you love.

Start by measuring the height, depth and width of the spaces where you want the appliances to go, and then take some additional measurements into consideration:

Washer and Dryer

  • How far will your top- or front-load door swing up or out from the unit?
  • Add an extra inch on either side of the washer and dryer and about 4 inches behind the pair to allow proper venting and to make space for any connecting hoses.
  • Want to maximize space in your utility room? Many front-load models can be stacked, but measure and make sure that configuration will work!

Water Heater

  • Does your utility room have adequate gas and water supply lines and an electrical power source? If so you’ll have to measure how far the appliance’s desired location is from the power/fuel sources.

Water Softener

  • Is your space designed to put 10 feet* between the softener and the heater?

start with the finish

While Kenmore water heaters and water softeners are available in variations of gray, the washer and dryer provide more opportunities to personalize your space with a touch of color.

Looking to balance the more neutral, bright tones in your utility room? Consider the modern sophistication of our metallic finish washers and dryers.

If you recently bought all stainless steel appliances for your home, you might want to consider a complementary metallic silver finish for your washer and dryer.

Capture the timeless look of the ultimate neutral with white appliances. Our white washers and dryers complement any color scheme, from neutral to deep, rich jewel tones and beyond.

Bear in mind, shopping for color and finish is just the beginning. When searching for the perfect laundry pair, or water heater and water softener, it’s what’s on the inside that counts — performance.

wash wisely

The journey to your new utility room begins with the washer. Here, you’ll find top-, front- and twin-load washers with capacity that keeps up with you, technology to clean large loads faster and features that eliminate the need for pretreating stains. Plus, smart technology can help you wash around your schedule with additional wash settings, maintenance alerts and laundry status no matter where you are.

ask yourself

  • Do I spend a lot of time pretreating stains before washing?
  • What do I launder most in my home — clothes, towels, bulky bedding, gym wear?
  • Do I prefer the look of a top-load washer over a front-load?

Read our Kenmore Washer Buying Guide before you browse our selection of washers.

dry with confidence

Now that you’ve chosen your washer, it’s time to complete the dynamic duo with a dryer. Our dryers feature technology that monitors moisture levels and reduces wrinkles with steam, while larger dryer capacities help you say goodbye to multiple loads.

ask yourself

  • Will this dryer’s capacity keep up with my washer?
  • Do I always have time to fold when the dry cycle ends?
  • Does my dryer get clothes too dry?

Arm yourself with our Kenmore Dryer Buying Guide before you browse our selection of dryers.

keep water warm

Nothing’s worse than enjoying a nice, warm shower and finishing with a blast of ice-cold water! That’s why finding the perfect water heater to store in your utility room is so crucial. Kenmore makes this task easy with an amazing selection of water heaters designed to resist corrosion and deliver an excellent First Hour Rating. Plus, the smart water heater module makes it easy to adjust the temperature or set schedules from anywhere on your smartphone.

ask yourself

  • How much hot water does my home need?
  • Would I like to adjust the water heater’s temperature remotely?
  • Do I prefer digital or mechanical controls?

Read our Kenmore Water Heater Buying Guide before you browse our selection to buy with confidence.

soften things up

If your skin feels itchy, your dishes look a little dingy or your faucets are developing a mysterious, chalky coating — you might have hard water. It’s time to invest in a Kenmore water softener, featuring demand-initiated regeneration controls and grain counts ranging from 24,000 to 41,000. Some even feature Ultra Cleansing to remove large particles.

ask yourself

  • What’s my home’s softening requirement?
  • Would I like to monitor water usage, salt levels and detect leaks with a smart water softener?

Brush up with our Kenmore Water Softener Buying Guide before you shop our selection.

clean with ease

In the market for a new vacuum? Kenmore has the dirt-destroying machines you’re looking for. Available in upright, canister and handheld versions, these powerful vacuums work well on both carpet and hardwood. If you’ve got furry friends in the house, Kenmore has you covered with pet- and allergy-friendly vacuums designed with HEPA filters and Pet Handi-Mate® pet hair attachments, perfect for digging into the corners and crevices to eliminate pet fur and dander.

ask yourself

  • Does my current vacuum have a pet attachment?
  • Would I like a lightweight vacuum to bring up and down the stairs?
  • How do I want to dispose of the dirt?

Check out our Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide before you shop our selection.

That’s a wrap! You’ve got a comprehensive guide to outfitting your new utility room with the most amazing appliances. Make sure to save this post in case you need a reference during the decision-making process.

*This distance prevents hot water from going into the water softener during its regeneration cycle. If hot water gets into the softener, it could damage the internal tubing.


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