Cook With All Your Senses

June 21, 2010 by Kenmore

Put all your senses to work and rely on your sense of smell and touch to cook like a pro.

Sometimes, it’s the sensory tips that can help you master the basics of choosing and cooking foods.


  • Smell, squeeze and taste. Some markets will let you sample fresh produce. Ask at your store.
  • Pull the stem off an avocado. If the spot that becomes visible is green, the avocado is good. If it’s brown, it’s overripe.
  • Pomegranates should be completely red and feel heavy for their size.
  • Check fresh berries for mold; it’s the first sign that they are going bad.
  • Perfectly ripe mangoes and melons should smell very fragrant.
  • Eggplant should be free of blemishes and feel heavy for the size.

Meats and fish

  • Fresh fish should smell like the ocean breeze. If it smells like the low tide, it’s past its prime. Ask to smell the fish before buying. If you’re buying a whole fish, the eyes should be clear and gills should be red and shiny.
  • If you poke fresh meat, it should come back to form. If it retains the indentation from your finger, it isn’t worth purchasing.

Use quality ingredients

  • Kosher salt is best for cooking because the granules dissolve quickly.
  • Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first press of the olives, so it is the purest form. Later presses are often cut with other oils.
  • For high-temperature sautéing or frying, canola, peanut, safflower and corn oil are best.
  • Always cook with unsalted butter so you control the amount of salt that goes into your dish.
  • High-quality Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese far surpasses that of the pre-packaged type, so pick some up for grating over pasta or soups.
  • Look for the Muir Glen brand of canned tomato products.
  • Good-quality chocolate can take a delicious dessert over the top.

Are you throwing a bridal shower or dinner party this summer? Put your senses to the test and tempt your guests by trying one or all of these recipes.

Chucky Guacamole (video)
Salt-Roasted Prawns with Basil Pesto
Lemon Granita
Mini Pita Pockets with Tzatziki Sauce


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