7 Ways to End Summer on a High Note

August 12, 2016 by Kenmore

Spent at least one day a week poolside — check.
Attended as many festivals as possible — check.
Dined al fresco more often than not — double check!

Hopefully you’ve been having a good last few months. However, with the return of back-to-school commercials and shorter daylight hours, it’s safe to say summer is winding down. But that’s no reason to cut the party short!

Before the sun sets on the brightest season, work your way through our list of fun activities to ensure you make every last sunny moment count.

Get creative with your cooking: Burgers and kabobs on the grill are definitely summer staples, but what about giving grilled watermelon a shot? Instead of whipping up the standard veggie tray, wow the party with any of these easy summer appetizers, like an Antipasto Platter, Hawaiian Ahi Poke Tuna with Wonton Chips, or Japanese Oyster Shooters! Consider making it a potluck so everyone can show off their skills.

P.S. Don’t forget to use these kitchen cleaning hacks after you’ve finished creating your culinary masterpieces.

Brush up on your moves: You’re in the home stretch of wedding season, so why not learn a new dance move to win the reception? You can start it off slow, or you can finally dance to Thriller with confidence! (We won’t tell if you want to bust out the Macarena). Of course the best move to make for a wedding includes getting the happy couple a gift they’ll love. Check out our top wedding gift picks.

Master the matinee: Save money and get comfy by throwing a weekly blockbuster viewing party at home. Hang a sheet or projector screen outside for a backyard movie night, or turn your living room into a mini theater for friends and family. You can even make your own gourmet popcorn and refreshments for the whole group. Use our list of the best summer blockbusters to figure out which flicks will be hitting your screen!  

Grab a basket: Take advantage of the warmer temps and set out for a picnic adventure and assign yourself the important task of catching a beautiful sunset while you’re at it. But first, let these five tips for planning the perfect picnic be your guide.

Explore the great outdoors: If you’ve got a free weekend consider loading up the car for an impromptu camping trip. Use the weekend to really unwind and unplug from the digital world. Imagine quiet nights reading in your tent, making s’mores over the bonfire, canoeing, and good ol’ in person conversation with loved ones. Find your local park or forest here.

Start a garden: For those who really can’t get enough of being outdoors, work on your green thumb. Consider starting small. All you need for an herb garden is a pot, some dirt, sun and a little TLC. Even if you don’t see the fruits of your labor this year, gardening is alway therapeutic, and a great excuse to get out of the house. Go even more “green” and consider trying your hand at composting.

Deck out their dorm: Okay, this one is admittedly bittersweet, but you just might find yourself having fun getting your kid ready for their first year of college, in between your tears. Help them decorate with the perfect comforter set, cozy towels and a few comforts from home that will help make that first year away a little easier.

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