The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List


It’s finally here: our Official Art of Home Spring Cleaning Master List! The “Art of Home” is all about creating a home worth bragging about. It’s about tips, tricks and hacks that elicit a little housekeeping envy!

We’ve got tips on cleaning and reorganizing for every room in your home, including some spots you may not have even guessed needed a good spring cleaning. Browse around and start rethinking the way you bring your home together!


The heart of the home is sometimes the grimiest! All of that food prep, cooking and constant traffic is enough to call for a major cleaning week of it’s own. Follow our kitchen cleaning tips below for some extra guidance.

How to Load the dishwasher — Everyone has a different style or method for perfectly loading the dishwasher. Does your method fit in with these tips?

Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Freezer — We’re all guilty of just throwing food in the freezer willy nilly, and then forgetting what’s inside until it’s freezer burned or inedible. These tips will help make sure that never happens again!

How to Clean Your Oven — Your oven is constantly exposed to grease splatter, melted cheese, sauce spills and whatever else you have cooking up night after night. It’s time to show it a little TLC.

Tips for Stainless Steel Appliances — Keep your stainless steel appliances looking their best with a few preventative and general cleaning maintenance tips. 

How to Clean Rust Off Stainless Steel Appliances — Rust happens, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to clean it up and keep it from reappearing! Just follow these safe and easy tips.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher Filter — Ever wonder why no matter what you do, every load of dishes still comes out with particles of food sticking to your “clean” glasses? Cleaning your dishwasher filter can fix that!

DIY Dishwasher Detergent — Not only are you going to be a little more green-friendly with your dishes, you’ll also save money making this easy detergent yourself.


Grills and Outdoors
The weather the warmer, the closer we are to grilling season! Don’t miss out on a beautiful weekend of flipping a few patties just because you weren’t prepared.

How to Clean Grill Grates — We get it, you’ve built up years of “flavor” on those grates. But at some point it stops being a good flavor and starts being a mystery flavor you really don’t want to put your fresh food on.

How to De-Winterize Your Grill — Only five simple tips standing between you and making sure your grill is ready for another season of smoky dinner and backyard barbecues!

DIY Slow Cooker Citronella Candles — Okay, this post doesn’t involve cleaning anything, but you’re definitely going to want some added protection against mosquitos with all that time you’ll be spending outside with your grill.


Living Spaces
We’re talking living rooms, front rooms, family rooms, offices and basically anywhere you and your friends or family enjoy relaxing — preferably without being interrupted with allergens or dust bunnies.

Bagless Vacuums vs Bagged Vacuums — They’re both ready to put dirt back where it belongs, but only one works better with your personal space. Get the quick facts and determine which machine you want by your side all spring cleaning long.

How to Clean Your Vacuum — If you’re going to go through the trouble of cleaning all of your floors, stairs, ceiling fans and more, it’s best to make sure the tool you’re using is just as clean.

Dehumidifier Buying Guide and Maintenance Tips — Warmer months come with more daylight hours and sunshine, but they also can come with a lot more humidity, which for some can lead to mildew or other home problems. Stay on top of your comfort and home health with these tips and buying guide.


Laundry Room
The land of defeated stains, freshly pressed shirts and fresh-from-the-dryer scents. Get a leg up on laundry day with these helpful tips and laundry room necessities.

DIY Laundry Detergent — Just as easy as the DIY dishwasher detergent above, but far more necessary when you think about how many laundry loads you go through every week!

Tips for Organizing the Laundry Room — Your laundry room does such a tough job of tackling everyday messes and more, wouldn’t it be easier on the both of you to make it as organized and efficient as possible?

How to Remove Food Stains — Even though our washers are loaded with features that help fight stains, we understand that sometimes you want a few extras quick tips for saving that pretty new white shirt fast!


We’re positive that you already have your own routine for dealing with the nitty and gritty aspects of the bathroom, so we’ll stick to some great tips for improving the space you have.

Tips to Improve Bathroom Storage — How is it that the one room that requires stacks of freshly cleaned towels, countless toiletries and grooming items always seems to have the least amount of space? Here’s some ways to make your space work for you.

Washing Bathroom Towels — Speaking of those freshly cleaned towels, here’s a few tips for cleaning your decorative towels as well as the ones you actually allow people to use.


It’s the one room you wish you could spend more time in. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so it’s definitely time to treat it like one. We’ve got plenty of  ways to help you refresh and make a cozy space that’s magazine worthy.

Tips for Laundering Winter Bedding — Your heavy-duty comforters and sheets made most of winter a warm and cozy experience. Make sure you launder them properly so they can do their job again next winter.

3 Steps to Renew Any Room — A new season means a new reason to refresh your space. See what tips you can pick up to get your bedroom ready for the warmer and lighter months ahead.

The Best Ways to Make Your Bed — There’s no single right way to do it, but there sure are a lot of interesting and ingenious ways out there to try. One method even involves you staying in bed while you’re making it!

Cleaning Checklist and Tips for House Guests — Those extra bedrooms are an important component of any “guest ready” home. Make your guests’ stay an enjoyable one with these tips.

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